Our Value: For the Community


The Partners HealthCare system helps us better understand our patients’ needs and improve the way we deliver care to our communities. Partners Population Health and the American Hospital Association (AHA) Equity Pledge are two initiatives that have changed the way we interact with and deliver care to our diverse patient populations.

Here are a few of the ways in which the Partners system benefits our community:



Setting Standards of Care

As the largest health care network in New England – one that includes two of the largest academic medical centers in the world – our influence extends beyond our hospitals and care institutions. That means that the standards we set for our system can have an impact on other health care organizations, here and across the country. This holds true for the community health centers directly or indirectly affiliated with Partners, which deliver care to underserved populations. 

Generating Knowledge

Research and education are two of the main pillars that define our mission and values. The knowledge produced by our care institutions benefits patients across the industry in the form of new treatments, improved practices, and effective quality and safety protocols. The Partners system serves as the foundation for an infrastructure that brings innovation right to the patient, where it can make the most difference.


Partners' goals center on providing care that is not only high quality but also affordable. That’s why we have participated in the evolution of Medicare’s ACO program and are actively participating in the MassHealth ACO, which commit us to increasing coordination and efficiency, while improving outcomes and delivering an exceptional experience for all patients. Our efforts are paying off: five years after becoming a Medicare Pioneer ACO, we have generated $38 million in cost savings, while maintaining an overall quality score of 94.5% – among the best in the nation.

Learn more about Partners' role as an ACO.

Population Health Management

Partners Population Health represents an innovative way of thinking about paying for and delivering care, moving away from the individual fee-for-service model towards a system that puts patient populations at the center. An important part of our strategy to reduce health care costs, Partners Population Health is also changing the way we deliver health care to the community by:

  • Supporting primary care, both at the hospital and outpatient settings.
  • Improving coordination between primary care practices, specialty practices, as well as non-hospital care such as nursing facilities and home care.
  • Encouraging the development of better tools for communication, engagement, and patient self-care.
  • Supporting a data collection and analysis model that drives better documentation of the health and needs of patient populations – and the communities they represent.

Partners Quality and Safety collaborates closely with the Partners Population Health to make sure that the way we measure quality and effectiveness aligns with these key activities.

Learn more about Partners Population Health.

Equity Pledge Campaign

As part of our commitment to deliver quality care to all patients – regardless of race, ethnicity, primary language, sexual orientation, and gender identification – Partners proudly supports the American Hospital Association (AHA) Pledge for Equity Campaign. One of the campaign’s key strategic objectives is to collect and use race, ethnicity, language preference, and other socio-demographic data as we evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the care we deliver to patients every day. And it is the Partners system that provides us with the information infrastructure to make that possible.