About Us


Exterior facade of Partners HealthCare buildingPartners HealthCare is a not-for-profit health care system that is committed to patient care, research, teaching, and service to the community locally and globally. Collaboration among our institutions and health care professionals is central to our efforts to advance our mission.

As Partners' Quality and Safety department, our job is to assess, evaluate, and report on the quality of care we provide at our institutions. Integral to that task is an ongoing effort to evolve how and what we measure to make sure we’re evaluating what matters most. We create robust systems to inform physicians and care teams in every Partners setting, and most importantly, we ensure that the care our patients receive meets the highest quality and safety standards.


We do this by:

    • Developing and constantly improving on a measurement infrastructure that delivers quality and safety data that is accurate, comprehensive, and actionable.
    • Making quality and safety data available to all of our providers, care teams, and patients, as well as stakeholders and the community at large.
    • Helping to define and disseminate best practices for care throughout the Partners network.

Our work is instrumental in making health care better across the Partners system.



The Quality and Safety department is comprised of eight teams, each with their own areas of expertise and responsibilities.

Center for Drug Policy

The Center for Drug Policy is responsible for collaborating with stakeholders to promote the effective and efficient use of drugs across the system, with the goal of optimizing patient care outcomes while ensuring the most appropriate use of health care.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

The PROMs team manages the collection, reporting, analysis, and use of care outcomes as reported by patients, to help practitioners and care teams make better health care decisions.

Ambulatory Quality

The Ambulatory Quality team focuses on improving care delivered in our primary and specialty care clinics. The team uses its evaluations of performance on quality among our care centers and against national standards to advise Partners on external quality contracting and measurement, and to design internal incentives for improving quality at the point of care.

Clinical Process Improvement

The Clinical Process Improvement team educates, trains, and enables providers and staff across Partners to continually improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care that they give to patients.

Quality/Safety Collaboration

The Quality/Safety Collaboration supports system-wide quality and safety-related committees to focus on the core elements of equity, patient experience, and safety.

Clinical Collaboration

The Clinical Collaboration team convenes key clinical collaboration groups made up of clinical leaders and experts across Partners to develop and manage key strategic initiatives, including guiding the development of Epic tools, supporting quality and safety measurement, sharing best practices, and engaging specialists in quality improvement across the Partners system.


The Policy team supports physicians and hospitals in their interpretation, shaping, and management of quality-related payer incentive programs. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, Internal Incentives, and Commercial Payer programs.

Partners eCare Quality and Safety

The Partners eCare Quality and Safety team oversees the safe implementation of the Epic platform, supports quality measurement and reporting, and empowers Partners staff to leverage our system-wide electronic health record to improve the quality and safety of patient care.