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Partners HealthCare is now Mass General Brigham.

Soon you’ll see this name across our system—including the Quality and Safety site. Please bear with us as we transition this website to our new name. Thank you.

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Why the System Matters

We believe that caregivers and patients make better decisions when they have access to information that is accurate, understandable, and up-to-date. The Partners Healthcare system empowers us to:

  • Bring best practices to scale
  • Design better measures and collect data from across an entire health care network
  • Leverage our system-wide electronic health record, Partners eCare, to improve information exchange
  • Coordinate treatment across the lifespan

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The Right Care, the Right Place, the Right Time

At Partners we have built a system that puts patients at the center of everything we do. This diagram is a visual representation of the interconnectedness that is at the core of our patient experience.

Innovating in Quality Measurement

The way we collect data goes beyond traditional sources like insurance billing data. We measure quality by using data that our providers document every day from patients across our network.

Learn more about Partners eCare.

Case Studies

We collect a vast quantity of quality and safety data. To make it accessible, we’ve assembled relevant samples into case studies that show how we’re improving care across Partners.

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Partners Center for Drug Policy

Created in 2007, Partners Center for Drug Policy (CDP) collaborates with Pharmacy Directors and clinician teams to develop guidelines for managing the use of high-cost drugs. CDP’s goal is not only to reduce cost, but also disseminate best practices and optimize patient care across the Partners network. As an integral part of the Quality and Safety team, CDP shares our overall mission to deliver the safest, highest quality health care for all our patients.

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

PROMs are a way to measure some of the most important reasons why people seek care: symptoms, function, and quality of life. This data can help us provide better guidance for our patients and to improve the quality of our care.

Learn more at our Care Decisions website.

Translating Theory into Practice

The Partners Clinical Process Improvement Leadership Program (CPIP) is designed to provide physicians, nurses, and other clinicians and administrators with the necessary tools to advance projects that improve quality and make patient-centered care more cost effective. CPIP allows interprofessional teams to tackle real problems in realistic settings, helping participants translate theory into action.